Corner of Grey St and the End of the World
Tomorrow I will begin the great Unfucking of my life

I, Kyle, am hereby committing to myself that I will start working towards a healthier life for my own sake, including a clean household, healthy habits, working towards a better body-positive image of myself by loving my flaws and engaging in activities that I will enjoy and will enrich my life in a positive way, and becoming more confident in who I am and what I want from my life. The only person who I can let down in this is myself, but I am the most important person in my life right now so I need to uphold myself to a standard that is good, healthy, and happy for me and no one else.

Tomorrow, I will begin with cleaning up my living space and starting habits that increase the health of me and my dogs who are my family. I will not marathon clean, because that will not be healthy, but I will not distract myself from my tasks after a minimal effort.

I could use some encouragement from others, but I know that I can draw encouragement from myself.

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